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Effective as of September 2023

Cookie Policy

  • What are cookies?

  • Controlling Cookies

  • Types of cookies we use

  • The Cookies used on this website on the public section

  • How to control cookies through your browser

  • Cookies in private section

  • Third party services related to our website

1. What are Cookies
  • Cookies are small files that websites place on your device. They help the browser remember you and how you use it. In some cases, cookies may contain personal data or unique identifiers.

2. Controlling Cookies
  • Where required by law we have placed a cookie consent manager where you can control the cookies to be placed in your device. Some cookies are necessary, and some are optional as the regulation requires.

    At any time, you can also manage cookies in your web browser settings. You can block them or get notified when new ones are added.

3. Types of cookies used
  • First-party cookies from the website itself.

  • Third-party cookies from partners or other websites, that are placed with your permission when the law requires consent.

4. The Cookies used on this website
  • (A) Essential and performance Cookies

    Set by Default, required to ensure the website works and that the data we process is safe.



    Technical Cookie

    Maintain the session, manage communications, and load balance requests and test the website is working properly.





    Security, Antifraud, Compliance, fulfill legal obligations and manage cookie consent




    Enable features, such as your consent to receive email notifications from us, your consent to cookies.





    Allow us to remember what preferences you may have set, such as the region you are in or language preferences which in some cases fall under a legal obligation given, we are a financial regulated service.





    (B) Analytical

    Set with your consent where required by law, We employ these cookies to gather information about how visitors use our website. This data helps us improve our website’s performance and functionality. You can set them “on” or “off” in our consent manager.




    Cookie name

    Allow us to understand which browsers visitors use and the number of new visitors to our website over a certain time.





    Google Analytics




    2 yrs

    24 hrs

    1 minute




    (C) Advertising


    Set with your consent where required by law, these cookies support our efforts to promote our services online and assist in identifying the origin and conversion when an ad is clicked in third party places. We do not track you outside of our website., if you would like to turn these cookies “on” or “off”, you can use our Cookie Settings Tool




    Cookie name

    When used in conjunction with other data we hold about you (such as historic transaction records), allow us to recognize you when you are logged in and tailor our online marketing messages to you.

    Cookies from third parties’ websites are used to identify the origin of a campaign, and to finetune the quality of the advertisement.

    We do not track outside of our website

    Google Ads


    90 Days

    Facebook (Meta)


    3 months


    September 2023

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