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Dynamic Currency Conversion – DCC

Simplify shopping for your international customers

Payments made easy

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Give consumers a choice, deliver pure payment experience and offer peace of mind

Currency conversion

With dynamic currency conversion, seamlessly convert transactions from euro to the cardholder’s currency in real-time, right at your POS terminal. We support 180 currencies, ensuring maximum flexibility for your international customers.

Convenience for customers

Give your customers the ultimate convenience by offering them the option to pay in their own currency for all their retail shopping, meals, accommodation, and other expenses.

Additional Revenue Stream

Implementing dynamic currency conversion not only improves customer satisfaction but also opens a new revenue stream for your business. By making this service available, you can earn a percentage of the currency conversion fee, increasing your profitability.

Benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion

+ Customers can choose to pay in their currency
+  Fully transparent in the amount that is charged
+  Helps with budgeting holiday spending
+ Quick expense claims for business travellers

+ Additional revenue streams
+ Customer satisfaction and loyalty
+ International customer reach
+ Simplified financial management

we drive the payment journey of the future

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